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larsen & ross.

want a bag that will last decades? yes, decades. seriously, these things will most likely not need to be replaced from wear. larsen and ross make hardcore leather goods built to handle your wear and tear, as well as the wear and tear of a small army. Plus they look good. can't beat that. 

weekend bag.

single pocket briefcase.

"the workhorse" briefcase.

messenger bag.

ipad case.


although this video isn't super exciting, it does show the products well and explains a little more about the company itself. 


stop by their site here to learn more and pick up some baggage.


real madrid x yohji yamamoto.

adidas teams up with yoji and bring us this collab for real madrid's 2014/15 third kits.

it would be weird and borderline unacceptable if the kit was any other color in black. 

it's dope to see a great designer team up with a football company and brings us this awesome kit. i'll be honest, i'd rather it be a chelsea jersey, but this is still rad.

pick it up now on adidas website here. limited quantities so don’t think, just buy. 




- taylor


monday groove.

I can't stop Monday from existing, but I can help you get through it with this tasty jam

lucious - nothing ordinary


leather milk.

To answer your question, yes, I'm aware that milk doesn't come from leather. 

Now let me ask you a question: how are you treating your leather products? Are you boots fading, scuffing, cracking, drying out, or looking dumpy? Milk those babies. (I'm really hoping by this point that you've caught on and figured out that leather milk is the name of a product, and that i don't want you to attempt to milk babies, or your leather goods.

Chamberlain's Leather Milk is designed to treat, repair, replenish, and extend the life of your leathers. this "light", water-based leather conditioner keeps your stuff looking good without weighing your leather down with heavy oils. I recommend using a leather conditioner to prevent cracking or drying out of your leather shoes.

Keep in mind, leather conditioners may darken the leather a little bit, so don't go too heavy on the application.

Stop by the Chamerlain's website and pick up a bottle. 18 bucks gets you 8 ounces of leathery, milky goodness and an applicator.


- james


he is legend - heavy fruit.

i waited five long years for this album to finally come out. i thought it was never coming and then it happened. they announced their tour last year and of course i went to see them. at that show they played a few new songs and which was their way of saying the album is coming. i loved every second of it. this album is a continuation of the glory and radicalness that is He Is Legend.

i'm excited to finally be talking about this and sharing it with you guys. if you liked their last album It Hates You then you'll love this album. It's very similar and has the same groovy melodies and seductive flows. Plus how can you go wrong with schuylar croom's vocals you can't.

enough talk. listen. song's put in below. and seriously go buy this album and support. you can buy it here

- taylor


treat your denim right.

At this point, it's no mystery that I'm somewhat of a quality denim enthusiast. Let's be honest; I love denim, and denim loves me. We have somewhat of an unspoken bond, but I choose to speak about it (I should find a new type of bond).

I generally recommend investing some extra monies into a nice pair of jeans, instead of just grabbing the first skinny jeans you find. Feel free to grab some of those as well, but you want at least one go-to pair that will last you years and years and years, or at least until you get too fat.


I also recommend learning how to properly care for your jeans: knowing when and how to wash them. Treating selvedge denim can be a little tricky, so companies like Mr. Black have set out to make your life a little easier with their Denim Wash and Denim Refresh.

Denim Wash

A highly concentrated unique enzyme free wash specifically formulated to clean denim. This gentle liquid offers an unsurpassed clean by breaking down and rinsing away dirt whilst maintaining denim.


  • Helps maintain colour intensity 
  • Minimises fading 
  • Reduces the risk of shrinking and stretching 
  • Keeps denim in premium condition 
  • Made from plant derived ingredients


Denim Refresh

An all in-one product designed to clean and refresh and prevent stains from setting in denim. Denim Refresh gets to the root of the problem by attacking oils, surface dirt and bacteria that causes odours in the first place. 


  • Antibacterial
  • Kills odours
  • Biodegradable solution
  • Prolongs the time between washes
  • Keeps denim in premium condition
  • Extends the life of denim
  • Leaves denim fresh
  • Made from plant derived ingredients

For a few extra monies, why not protect your investment and extend the life of your new favorite jeans?

Click here to check out the Mr. Black Website


- james


fear of god third collection.

want to dress more like kanye west? well, here's your chance.

fear of god dropped their third line and it looks dope as hell. this is basically 'Ye's style wrapped up in one collection. 

i'm down with the oversized jackets and long hem shirts. i think the fit and look is so on point right now. Most poeple aren't quite there yet, but here's a good place to start and get some ideas of how to do it right. 

the third collection from fear of god should start appearing in stores soon. 

- taylor


abc's of men's fashion - 52

“Style is the answer to everything. A fresh way to approach a dull or dangerous thing. To do a dull thing with style is preferable to doing a dangerous thing without it. To do a dangerous thing with style is what I call art.”
- Charles Bukowski


the royal concept

this swedish-formed band feels like a cross between Fun and a hipper, some hipper version of dashboard confessional if they had withstood the test of time. I know that describing a band like that may instantly detract a lot of people from giving it a chance. And yeah, maybe I'm a little bit ashamed of listening to a band described as futuristic dashboard, but sometimes there are songs so dang catchy that you can't really do much about it.

That's exactly what happens for me whenever I hear their anthematic (like unto an anthem) song On Our Way.

The rest of their jams are decent as well, with a few guilty pleasure gems. But this one just felt right to start the weekend. Here are a few others in case you liked the first one.

gimme twice

cabin down below

world on fire

girls girls girls

busy busy


- james


puma, what is this?

seriously, what the hell is this? 

puma and japanese designer Mihara Yasuhiro get together to bring us whatever these shoes are. They grabbed the my-57 shoe and thought it would be good to slap some fur on top of it. thankfully, it’s removable, but if you’re going to wear them without the fur it kind of defeats the purpose. also, if you’re going to wear these you should probably rethink some things in your life. 

don’t get me wrong, I understand combining styles and attempting new design ideas. What I don’t understand is how this got the green light though. It looks like a someone killed and skinned a small furry animal to cover their shoes. 

maybe I’m the only one that feels like that. I find that hard to believe, but who knows? Different folks and different strokes. Maybe you’re going for that piss-off-PETA-look. If so, get these and you nailed it.

- taylor