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invisible bike helmet

In keeping with yesterday's bike theme, i thought i'd share this gem with you. 

The Invisible Bicycle Helmet | Fredrik Gertten from Focus Forward Films on Vimeo.

Is it actually an invisible helmet? no

Does the helmet scarf thing look bulky and awkward? yeah, a bit.

Are the crash testing videos laugh-out-loud hilarious? absolutely.

but the creativity and innovation in a market that really hasn't done much since it's inception is still pretty cool.

They're calling it an airbag for cyclists, and you can read more about it here.


- james





The Scandinavian Bikehook.

bikes are one of the greatest machines to ever be created. you really can't argue that, it’s less of an opinion and more of a fact these days. 

Bicycles are ridden all over the globe. It’s a reliable source of transportation and let’s be honest, they’re fun. I love bikes. I have a stable of them in my room. Yes, my room. They are so loved they can’t be stored in a dark, dirty garage. Even though my mountain bike is currently covered in dirt and mud which makes no sense for it to be in my room – I digress. Some of my bikes are hanging on my wall and others are propped up against my wall. This is where The Scandinavian Bikehook would come in handy. I have a wall hook that I hate. It’s a pain and its made in China, that really says it all. 

The Scandinavian Bikehook is a simple, solid design that makes storing your bike easy. I mean look at it, it’s not a complicated product – and that’s good. The Bikehook comes from a place that’s no stranger to the bicycle, Denmark. I spent some time over in Copenhagen this summer which is basically the bike capital of the world and let me tell you, you need a bike over there. Public transportation is fine, cars are a pain and walking sucks. The bicycle is king in Copenhagen and I lived on my bike while I was there. Quick shoutout to the homie who, uh, lets say ‘lent’ me his or her bike, I thank you and sorry. 

The Bikehook’s simple design allows it to be utilized in any space, big or small. Use one hook to hang the bike vertically or take advantage of both hooks to store your bike horizontally. The Bikehook is also made out of solid wood. You’re not getting some cheap plastic piece of shit. You’re investing in something that’s built to last. 

We’ve got a few images in the post and the video at the bottom for you guys to check out, but head on over to the kickstarted to get a little more info on Scandinavian Bikehook project here. Don't forget to back the project while you're there. 

- taylor


winter chucks.

Converse jumped on the waterproof bandwagon and dropped their line of weatherproof all-stars. for only $60, they're definitely worth a shot. take a look:

Designed with a gusseted tongue and brass eyelets, the water resistant Converse Chuck Taylor All Star Rubber is built to help protect your feet during rainy day weather and music festival mud pits. Stop by the Converse site for more info.


beatle monday.

I just recently created my own beatles playlist of their greatest hits and it's amazing. Not that my playlist is amazing (although let's be honest, it really is), but the music is still so dang good. No band has stood the test of time as well as the beatles. Their hits are just as catchy, and just as popular as they ever were. 

They started an entire movement, invented their own hairstyle, and made women lose their friggin minds all at the same time. And they did it very well dressed... until the drugs. And even with the drugs they occasionally killed it.


Little known fact: beatles songs destroy mondays. It's science.

i've just seen a face 

a hard day's night

can't buy me love

here comes the sun


come together



abc's of men's fashion - 54


The trick to incorporating colour is in pairing a strong and interesting colour (such as red or electric blue or green) with a more classic, safe colour (such as navy or charcoal grey). contrast is key--too many colors will make you look like tacky rainbow. The art is in nonchalance. 


- james


danner x see see motorcycles.

here's a fun little video that danner did for their stumptown 2014 lookbook. they teamed up with see see motorcycles to show us what some good friends, bikes and boots can give you.
- taylor

drôle de monsieur. 

this sweatshirt is definitely on the list. i've been wanting this sweatshirt for some time now, but it's impossible to get.

it's always sold out and sells out ridiculously fast. they release restocks on cest time and that usually means ridiculous hours of the night for me.

the paris based brand, drôle de monsieur, is responsible for this clean and simple crew neck sweatshirt.

it's a basic sweatshirt that has 'not from paris madame' embroidered on the front that comes in three colors. it comes in black, maroon and green. obviously i'm leaning towards the black crewneck.

sweatshirt season will eventually reach southern california and i intend to be ready. this sweatshirt would help me with that

check out their website and keep checking if you're interested in picking up a sweatshirt here

- taylor


bombay bicycle club.

I was listening to this album yesterday driving along the coast on Highway 1. I had already forgotten how good it was. If nothying else, most of these tracks will make your monday feel like an artistic montage from a movie. If you haven't already gotten this album, I highly recommend it. 


carry me

it's alright now




- james


Gap x GQ.

Gap Inc. is the largest american clothing retailer and third largest in the world. The company is comprised of several brands, including Gap, Banana Republic, Old Navy, Athleta, Intermix, and Piperlime. While the Gap brand has always focused on classic, american style, they've recenly collaborated with gq and the winners of gq's best new menswear designers in america. this is the third year this collaboration has taken place, and this year it's yielded, by far, the best results.

here's a look at my favorite pieces from the 4 collections from the 4 designers:




john elliott + co



Brooklyn Tailors



En noir



visit Gap's website for item details and purchase, or stop by select stores to see them in person and try them on. Since these collections are still in the process of being released, not all of the pieces are available for purchase yet. But be patient my young padawans, your time will come.


- james



isaora: staydrybetter.

i can't resist a solid, waterproof jacket. they get me everytime.

i love windbreaks, exo-shells, and most anything with gore-tex in it. wearing it may be a another story, but i'm still about it. i have plenty of windbreakers and shells i never wear, but they remind me of the days my buddies and i were into cycling which naturally reminds me of good times. 

isaora offers it's latest weather proof jackets for this up coming 2014 f/w season. there's gonna be rain and possibly snow, depending on where you are, so you better get an outer layer worthy of handling it.

i want to throw one of these jackets on and head out into some weather. i'll be the first to tell you that i hate weather and i hate the cold. that's why i live in southern california, where we have one season year round and anything around 65 is considered cold, but looking at these images makes me want to take on some rain.

the jackets are clean and minimal. no extras or unnecessary crap slapped onto them, just a simple looking jacket that protects you from the wet weather. all you need. 

check out the full collection at isaora's website here

- taylor