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fashion profile - simon spiteri.

Simon Spiteri began as the fashion buyer for Liberty and then founded Anthem, in East London in 2011. 

"I felt, I guess as everyone does, growing pains that I didn't look the right way and didn't fit in. Fashion, for me, was a way of exploring a lot of creativity, and it made me feel good. And that's what clothes should do: clothes should make you feel good. It's not about fashion; it's about a lifestyle...If you feel good, you're gonna look good."




"The man makes the clothes, 100%. Clothes are nothing without the person that wears them, they're just an object."


- james





beautiful fül s/s 2014.

the lookbook for the spring/summer 2014 collection is straight fire.

i dig everything about the line and lookbook. the photographer, the models, the clothes, and the feel is so good. it's a line that i think many people can get behind. there's a little bit of something for everyone. 

check out beautiful fül here and make sure you look at the rest of photos from the look book. yes, i posted a lot of the photos from it, but there are more. wait, you want even more? okay – no problem. i posted a video below for the s/s 2014 line as well. enjoy.

- taylor


diy fire pit.

found this awesome diy fire pit project and figured it was the perfect beginning of summer project for the backyard. It uses washing machine drum and looks really unique. buying a pre-made fire pit will cost you $100+ easy, but this setup should be between $10-20 depending on what you already have. Check it out:

You can see the full guide here. Get to work and start your summer off right with a gathering of close friends around a fire pit at night.


- james


childish gambino - sweatpants ft. problem.

the latest childish video dropped today. it's a visual for his song "sweatpants" off his latest because the internet.

it's a trippy video that definitely is worth the watch. plus the song is one of my favorites of the album, can't go wrong with that problem 'whaaat'.

check it out below and also snag a copy of because the internet if you haven't already. enjoy.

- taylor


best tailor in town.

When it comes to menswear, you can buy the nicest, most stylish, most expensive clothing around, but if it doesn't fit well, you're gonna look like a complete chump. Nothing worse than looking like a little kid trying on daddy's clothes. Or like a guy that thinks he's a medium but really is a XXL. Buy nice clothes, and make them fit well.

It can be hard to find the right tailor--someone who understands current trends and knows how your clothing should fit, and can share your vision. Well, if you're in Utah, look no further. Well if you're more than an hour away maybe look a little more because it's a bit impractical to drive that far repeatedly for a tailor. 

For those of you that meet that criteria, the only tailor you'll need is the owner of Holladay Furs on Center Street in Provo. She's the best. She's got tons of experience, plenty of knowledge and skill to spare. I highly recommend you stop by and turn some of those threads look like they were made specifically for you.

Don't just take my word for it, their yelp reviews speak for themselves. But also take my word for it.

Stop by here for more information. 


loud pipes.

it's friday, time for some weekend jams.

i've got a few to start everyone off with, the rest is up to you. don't let us down.

more importantly, don't let yourself down.

ended this little playlist with an oldie, but goodie.

gotta love old ratatat. enjoy.

- taylor


early spring layers.

FYI, Utah is still cold in the early months of spring. So stop judging me for wearing so many layers in April. Picked up this jacket on sale for around $20 an haven't stopped wearing it since. It's got a very faint speckle pattern scattered across it. The inside is quilted with a green and orange woodland camo print, chambray on the inner collar and cuffs, and corduroy on the collar and elbow pads.

Add a flannel, a thermal shirt, commuter pants and some boots and the weather's got nothin' on me.





  • Jacket - quilted blue with speckle - 1901
  • shirt - burgundy flannel with sparrow print - obey
  • pants - khaki commuter - levi's
  • thermal - white - merona   
  • boots - burgundy leather earthkeepers with white sole - timberland
  • watch - blck easy reader - timex

all tailoring on the shirts and pants done by the talented Holladay Furs.


- james



21 helmets 2014 - see see motor coffee co.

this year see see teamed up with bell and they gave 21 artists helmets to custom paint and design to their hearts content.

these helmets originally debuted at the one motorcycle show earlier this year. apparently people liked it because it's now going to featured at the 2014 autsin moto gp.

it's rad that some of these artist that are only known in the chopper/custom bike scene will get main stream exposure on the moto gp level.

check out some of the helmets that were created by the artists in the video below. 

- taylor


name that pattern pt. 2

ladies and genltemen, it's that time--time to broaden your horizons and you rknowledge of fabrics. Although there's no 'prize' for learning these fabrics, and there's no exam at the end of this segment that pertains to knowing them all, you can take comfort in the fact that you'll know more than most people do, and you'll know exactly what you're talking about the next time you shop for menswear. And with that, we begin...

glen plaid (my favorite) - short for Glen Urquhart plaid or Glenurquhart check. A wool fabric with a woven twill design of small and large checks. most commonly found in black/grey and white, but can also be done with muted colours, particularly with two dark and two light stripes alternating with four dark and four light stripes creating a pattern of irregular checks.

seersucker - all-cotton fabric, thin and puckered, commonly striped or checkered. Most commonly worn in spring and summer in white and blue or white and grey.

gun glub check - a pattern marked by alternating broken bands in two or more colors on a light background. gun club checks can feature any kind of color scheme the wearer—or weaver—desires, and the bands can alternate evenly, or switch things up to create larger overcheck effects.

pinstripes - a pattern of very thin stripes of any color running in parallel often found in cloth.

 black watch plaid - Probably the most popular version of Scottish Tartan patterns, originating from the famous 42nd royal highland regiment of scotland. This plaid consists of green, black, and blue in it's plaid, and adds a vintage feel to mordern clothing.


- james


calm the ham.

calm the ham is a weird name for a company. There's really no way around that. But now that we've gotten that out of the way, we can move past it, and talk about what they're doing that makes up for their lack of skill in naming companies.

Calm the ham is a colleciton of artists, all with incredible minds for simplistic design. Most of the work comes by way of inforgraphic, typography, and unique representations of cultural history. my favorite, however, is the city skylines collection. These prints feature iconic city skylines from some of the most famous cities around the world in simple, elegant silhouette.

this colleciton includes a hge number of cities, so you'll have no time forming a collection of your favorites. And since they start at $29 per print, there's really no reaosn to not buy a few. Stop by their site and shop around the collection by clicking here.