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cyber monday.

hello cult people. happy holidays and welcome to the shopping season. I know that generally between now and christmas people are frantically searching for the perfect gifts for their friends and loved ones (I guess friends should be included in "loved ones"), but right now the deals are so good you shouldn't hesitate to grab something for yourself as well!

So here are a few of the websites I'll be checking out today on Cyber Monday.

J. Crew - 30% off plus free shipping.



Ted Baker - 30% off



Gap - 40% off plus free 8-12 day shipping




Scotch & Soda - individually priced discounts up to 50% off.





H&M - 30% plus free shipping.



Happy Socks - 40% off plus free shipping.

Banana Republic - 40% plus free shipping.




Herschel Supply Co. - $20 of $99, $30 off $150, $70 off $300 plus free shipping.



Levi's - 40% off plus free shipping.


Urban Outfitters - $50 off $150, $25 off $100, $15 off $75 pluss free shipping.


Superdry - 30% off



- james


gustin grabs.

In a previous article we talked about how Gustin works. Essentially, they make good quality stuff on limited runs of production based on predetermined demand. It's like Kickstarter for menswear. Once an item reaches a certain number of backers, they go into production and as soon as it's finished, those backers receive the product at a better price than a normal retail environment.

That being said, here are some of the current items up for grabs from Gustin.

cone w/ peach selvedge denim


navy american chino


italian double black selvedge denim


Japan slate blue twill shirt


moss red flannel shirt


USA hickory stripe work shirt


waxed dark oak trucker jacket


the handmade heavyweight belt


indigo selvedge apron


brown waxed dopp kit


saddle brown brass belt


classic belt


Click here to stop by Gustin's website and pickup some discounted gear.


- james



gustin is legitimately changing the game. They're not making things that have never been made before, and they're not creating the most extravagent and unique product. But they are, however, changing the way things are purchased, made, and delivered.

the story.

the company has been around for 8 years, making premium selvedge denim and high-end menswear featured in high-end boutiques across the US for around $205. Focusing on high quality, well-made products for style-centered customers. 

what sets them apart is where they went from there. they call it crowdourced fashion. Crowsourcing their products eliminates waste, and allows them to connect on a more personal level with their buyers.

how it works.

1. Gustin decides to produce a particular item of menswear. This item could be a shirt, a pair of jeans, a belt, anything.

2. They design the product and give you a sneak peak on their website, using pictures, and descriptions of the materials and manufacturing.

3. You decide that you want to pick up said product, and so you go online and "back" that item on the gustin website. (Just like a Kickstarter campaign)

4. Once the product reaches the set number of backers required, production begins, payment is made, and an estimated delivery date is set. (Just like a Kickstarter campaign)

5. Now you play the waiting game until you recieve your product. (Yes, just like a Kickstarter campaign)

What's great about this process is that, not only are you receiving an extremely limited edition item, but you're getting it at a fraction of the cost. Instead of spending $200+ on a pair of selvedge denim, you're spending around $80, and having it delivered to your front door. 

Gustin: Making of the Classic Belt from GUSTIN on Vimeo.

Sooooo....what are you still doing here? Stop by the Gustin Website and start backing some new digs.


- james




harry's truman.

it's spring. and sometimes in spring, a face full of hair can be a bit uncomfortably warm. What better time to shave? I know i know, it can be a terrible experience, and it's a shame that something so normal can be so awful. For this reason, i bring you harry's truman spring colleciton

at only $15 for a a handle, three razors, and a tube of shave cream, you really can't go wrong with harry's. Now while the price may be what dras you in, the quality is what'll make you stay. Harry's blades are constructed by German engineers, and their creams are developed by chemists with years of experience in working with other high-end brands. 

How can something so well made be so inexpensive? By cutting out the middleman Since Harry's ships product directly to your door, they're able to cut cost in logistics, ultimately delivering a hig-quality razor at a great price. 

Harry's offers multiple "shave plans" for those of you who shave everyday, occasionally, or infrequently. Instead of having to repurchase blades and cream when you need it, you can have it shipped to your door right before you run out.

I recommend trying out the spring pack for $15 first, and then signing up for whatever suits you. Click here to check out what they have to offer.


- james



light layer.

looking for a light layer to add to your winter wardrobe? Not exactly wanting to spend a lot of money on it? Then may I suggest the mossimo crewneck sweatshirt. Technically not a sweatshirt as it isn't lined with fleece, this pullover gives just the right amount of warmth while adding an extra layer to your outfit, making you look fully out together.

Are you ready for the best part? You can pick one up from target's online store for under $14. If you've just said something to the effect of "wow that's an amazing deal", I shall respond with "I know right?". If your reaction was along the lines of "Are you serious?" I ask you "Would I lie to you?" And if your first instinct was to say something like "cool, i don't care." To you I say, "oh, well um, I just thought, ya know... maybe youdlikeitorsomethingbutit'sfineI'lljustgonow."

Pick one up if you're in the market for something light that looks good.


- james



thrifting in SF.

This year I spent my summer in San Francisco, interning with one of the world's largest clothing retailers. Don't worry, this post isn't about what I did during my internship; I'm not about to layout my life story here. However, as you can imagine, being in San Francisco for three months led to some amazing experiences, and some most-excellent thrifting. 

As it turns out, three months is plenty of time to find a handful of thrifting gems. Checkout some of the new (old) threads I picked up.

Unbranded Double-Breasted Coat -$25

PF flyers sandlot edition - $14

timberland 6" zip boot - $41

Levi's made in U.S.A selvedge denim - $17

Cherokee chambray aztec spotted shirt - $6

Banana Republic polka dot shirt - $7

Niico long-sleeved grey henley shirt - $4

Supreme chambray Polka Dot Hat - $4

Old navy green short-sleeved button up - $12

WHen it comes to thrifting, you can't expect to score clutch finds on your first trip--the key is going often. Keep at it, you never know what you'll find. Also, if you're ever in San Francsico, I highly recommend checking out Crossroads Trading Co. They tend to be a little bit pricier than other places, but they also have a much higher quality selection.


- james





back to school on a budget.

With the new school season about to start, you've definitely thought about improving your wardrobe a bit to kick the semester off the right way. Now if you're anything like me, you've thought about doing so while spending as little money as possible. The good news is this task can be accomplished with just a little bit of searching. For example, check out this basic back-to-school outfit I was able to put together for $100.

Levi's 511 Slim Fit jeans - rigid dragon -   $58.00   $48.00 click here.

Gap Inc. horizontal stripe modern oxford -   $39.95   $23.99   click here.

UO skull icon sock -   $8.00   $5.99   click here.

UO CVO sneaker -   $29.00   click here.

At this point, there really aren't any excuses to look anything less than dapper on your first day of the semester. Do you homework, find new threads, and have a great semester.

- James