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gap shearling.

The Gap friends and family weekend just ended, but not before i scooped up this killer shearling denim jacket.

The jacket is still available, and gap is always having deals, so it's not too late to find one for yourself for fall.


- james




Quality over quantity.

This is a topic I feel pretty strongly about. Just because your closet is filled to the brim, does not mean you're doing it right. The way I look at it, clothes should be purchased in one of two categories:

  1. Staples
  2. Trends

Staples are the items you'll wear frequently. You'd like them to last you a long time, and they need to look fresh for as long as they last you. Examples of staples are jeans, shoes, suits, white tees, sweaters, peacoats, watches, or belts, to name a few. What you wear with these pieces or how you wear them may change, but these items will always be around.

These are the pieces you should see as an investment. You should be spending appropriate amounts of monies on these purchases. You wouldn't buy underwear from the dollar store because you don't want to chafe in your nethers. So don't buy a suit from H&M because you don't want to look like a chump. Don't go denim shopping at forever Target. Don't buy gym shoes at sketchers.

Spend the money for quality, and it'll payoff in the long run.

Trends on the other hand, will most likely only be used for a finite window of time -- usually a few months or so until the trend has passed or morphed into something else. These are the high-fashion influenced items like infinity scarves, elongated shirts, bracelets, drapey jackets, ripped denim. These things won't be around forever, so they do not require as much of an investment.

I'm not saying you should buy these things; I'm saying you shouldn't be buying the most expensive versions of them. Accept them for what they are: fads, trends, short-lived ideas, and then spend accordingly. These are the items you should be buying at H&M, Zara, TopShop, PacSun. They will most likely be short lived, so spend the amount of money for something you don't mind losing it's value within the year.

The key is to mix quality basics, with trendy cheap finds.

Spend your money where it counts.


- james



topman distressed denim.

Distressed/deconstructed/ripped denim is trending pretty hard right now. And while yes, you can absolutely attempt to rip your own jeans to add that extra level of legitness and authenticity to your look, is sitting in your living room with scissors and sandpaper, and going to to town on some denim really any better than just buying a pair of jeans that someone has already deconstructed for you? I mean unless you're ripping holes in your jeans from natural causes (i.e. street rugby, mountain gymnastics, or urban midget knife fighting), why not just buy a pair that has been deconstructed correctly--to prevent additional fraying and decreasing of fabric integrity?

For around $80, you can pick up a pair from Topman in multiple colors, fits, and fabric compositions.

Stop by the "ripped" section of Topman's website, or check out Nordstrom's selection of Topman denim to try on the different fits before making your selection. 


- James


how to break in your denim.

breaking in your denim is an important process that can be frustrating, stressful, and tiresome. So here are some tips from the pros (and GQ): Andrew Chen of 3Sixteen, Matt Baldwin of Baldwin Denim, and Paul O'Neill of Levi's Vintage Clothing.

On wear:

Matt Baldwin: For me, it starts with the fabric. I love finding something new about the break-in process each season. Then comes fit. I try on jeans and find the size that fits perfectly, and then I purchase one size smaller. Dry, 100% cotton denim expands anywhere between one inch to 1.5 inches over a three month period of daily wear. From there I machine washing a few times before my usual first daring repair, and then continue to cold wash and hang dry throughout the denim's life.

Paul O'Neill: I tend to approach it a little differently than other people. First, I buy my jeans correct size in the waist (rather than size down) and a little longer in length (one or two inches). Then, I'll wear them for a few days before climbing into a warm bath in them and soak for 20 minutes. Once soaking is over, I slip out of the jeans and let them dry in the sun. This shrinks the jeans to your body shape. Because you were wearing them while shrinking them, they should not shrink smaller than your waist. I tend to check them when nearly dry and put them back on and stretch the waist out by squatting in them if needed.

On washing:

Andrew Chen: I think the number one thing I can suggest is to not be afraid to wash them. A lot of people went from washing jeans every week along with their socks and underwear to never, ever washing them (and subsequently losing friends and associates in the process). What we've found is that washing jeans every few months extends the life of your jeans significantly, because you're actively getting out the sweat, dirt and bacteria that will break the fabric down. And if the denim itself is beautiful, then it will not be adversely affected by consistent washes at all.

Paul O'Neill: Some people never wash their denim, but I do like to wash my jeans every so often—roughly every six months depending how often I've been wearing them. When I do wash them, I turn them inside out and wash separately (to avoid crease marks) on a cold wash and dry them flat.

Matt Baldwin: Super simple. Cold wash, hang dry. Go as long as you can between washes. Repair for character. That's it.

- james


Gap's granddad.

No, I'm not referring to the grandfather of somebody named "Gap". nor is it the early versions of Gap Inc.'s humble beginnings in 1969 which sold Levi's, records, and tapes (like a less gross Hot Topic). 

No no, I am referring, of course, to Gap's embracing of the granddad collar--also known as the mandarin collar, the drop collar, or (as Gap has named it) the "banded shirt".

Gap has released four versions of this shirt, all of which are actually really cool. So cool, in fact, that I bought two for myself and one for my dad. Now before I show you these shirts, let me frist preface by saying that the pictures really don't do them justice at all. The models really don't do a very good job embracing the vibe of these shirts, and the photos themselves make them feel starchy, stiff, and awkward. They fall into the "lived in" line of Gap shirts, which means they're soft, and not meant to look folded and ironed (with the exception of the blue white collar, which should look a little more formal). 

What I'm saying is you really need to go see them for yourself and try them on cause they dope. 

I really recommend trying them on in person. You'll thank me later. 

In the meantime, check them out on the Gap website


- james



gustin grabs.

In a previous article we talked about how Gustin works. Essentially, they make good quality stuff on limited runs of production based on predetermined demand. It's like Kickstarter for menswear. Once an item reaches a certain number of backers, they go into production and as soon as it's finished, those backers receive the product at a better price than a normal retail environment.

That being said, here are some of the current items up for grabs from Gustin.

cone w/ peach selvedge denim


navy american chino


italian double black selvedge denim


Japan slate blue twill shirt


moss red flannel shirt


USA hickory stripe work shirt


waxed dark oak trucker jacket


the handmade heavyweight belt


indigo selvedge apron


brown waxed dopp kit


saddle brown brass belt


classic belt


Click here to stop by Gustin's website and pickup some discounted gear.


- james


treat your denim right.

At this point, it's no mystery that I'm somewhat of a quality denim enthusiast. Let's be honest; I love denim, and denim loves me. We have somewhat of an unspoken bond, but I choose to speak about it (I should find a new type of bond).

I generally recommend investing some extra monies into a nice pair of jeans, instead of just grabbing the first skinny jeans you find. Feel free to grab some of those as well, but you want at least one go-to pair that will last you years and years and years, or at least until you get too fat.


I also recommend learning how to properly care for your jeans: knowing when and how to wash them. Treating selvedge denim can be a little tricky, so companies like Mr. Black have set out to make your life a little easier with their Denim Wash and Denim Refresh.

Denim Wash

A highly concentrated unique enzyme free wash specifically formulated to clean denim. This gentle liquid offers an unsurpassed clean by breaking down and rinsing away dirt whilst maintaining denim.


  • Helps maintain colour intensity 
  • Minimises fading 
  • Reduces the risk of shrinking and stretching 
  • Keeps denim in premium condition 
  • Made from plant derived ingredients


Denim Refresh

An all in-one product designed to clean and refresh and prevent stains from setting in denim. Denim Refresh gets to the root of the problem by attacking oils, surface dirt and bacteria that causes odours in the first place. 


  • Antibacterial
  • Kills odours
  • Biodegradable solution
  • Prolongs the time between washes
  • Keeps denim in premium condition
  • Extends the life of denim
  • Leaves denim fresh
  • Made from plant derived ingredients

For a few extra monies, why not protect your investment and extend the life of your new favorite jeans?

Click here to check out the Mr. Black Website


- james


levi's flagship.

You may or may not know that I recently moved to San Francisco for a new job (you probably have no idea since I haven't mentioned it before). First of all, don't worry your pretty little head because I'm certainly not leaving the cult. Secondly, I'm excited to tell you about all the amazing things I find here. 

That being said, allow me to present the first in a long list of cool stores in SF: The Levis Flagship Store on Market Street.

This 8000 square-foot store has a ridicuously large selection of levi's apparel, accessories, bags, stylish employees, and unique interior design using reclaimed wood from old san francisco piers. But I haven't even told you the coolest part yet...

Not only do they sell jeans here, but this flagship store houses several in-store tailors dedicated to creating limited numbered runs of unique designs sold in-store, repairing your busted levi's, tailoring your new jeans, or creating items custom made to it your body. Cool, right?!

If you're in the area, you need to check this place out.


- james





gustin is legitimately changing the game. They're not making things that have never been made before, and they're not creating the most extravagent and unique product. But they are, however, changing the way things are purchased, made, and delivered.

the story.

the company has been around for 8 years, making premium selvedge denim and high-end menswear featured in high-end boutiques across the US for around $205. Focusing on high quality, well-made products for style-centered customers. 

what sets them apart is where they went from there. they call it crowdourced fashion. Crowsourcing their products eliminates waste, and allows them to connect on a more personal level with their buyers.

how it works.

1. Gustin decides to produce a particular item of menswear. This item could be a shirt, a pair of jeans, a belt, anything.

2. They design the product and give you a sneak peak on their website, using pictures, and descriptions of the materials and manufacturing.

3. You decide that you want to pick up said product, and so you go online and "back" that item on the gustin website. (Just like a Kickstarter campaign)

4. Once the product reaches the set number of backers required, production begins, payment is made, and an estimated delivery date is set. (Just like a Kickstarter campaign)

5. Now you play the waiting game until you recieve your product. (Yes, just like a Kickstarter campaign)

What's great about this process is that, not only are you receiving an extremely limited edition item, but you're getting it at a fraction of the cost. Instead of spending $200+ on a pair of selvedge denim, you're spending around $80, and having it delivered to your front door. 

Gustin: Making of the Classic Belt from GUSTIN on Vimeo.

Sooooo....what are you still doing here? Stop by the Gustin Website and start backing some new digs.


- james





it's saturday. So go buy some new jeans for summer. And while you're doing it, listen to this tasty jam.

naked & famous selvedge denim


- james