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triwa smartwatch concept.

Although I'm a supporter of innovation and new ideas, and was very intrigued by the announcement of the iWatch, if I'm being honest...I can't really see myself wearing any of those newfangled smartwatches that have been announced. 

I just feel like they look a little too futuristic and spacey. Don't get me wrong, I love space, but I am not an astronaut, nor am I planning any trips to distant planets in the near future, which would require me to purchase a space-ready time-keeping device. 

I need something a little more classic strapped to my wrist. Apparently designer Gábor Balogh and I are on the same page. Introducing the Triwa smartwatchg concept:

keep in mind this is just a concept, and, as of yet, has had no signs of actually going into production. But if it does, count me in. This watch is based on the design of existing Triwa watches (made in sweeden) which are pretty good looking. Feel free to google them and check out some of their looks. 


- james


The Scandinavian Bikehook.

bikes are one of the greatest machines to ever be created. you really can't argue that, it’s less of an opinion and more of a fact these days. 

Bicycles are ridden all over the globe. It’s a reliable source of transportation and let’s be honest, they’re fun. I love bikes. I have a stable of them in my room. Yes, my room. They are so loved they can’t be stored in a dark, dirty garage. Even though my mountain bike is currently covered in dirt and mud which makes no sense for it to be in my room – I digress. Some of my bikes are hanging on my wall and others are propped up against my wall. This is where The Scandinavian Bikehook would come in handy. I have a wall hook that I hate. It’s a pain and its made in China, that really says it all. 

The Scandinavian Bikehook is a simple, solid design that makes storing your bike easy. I mean look at it, it’s not a complicated product – and that’s good. The Bikehook comes from a place that’s no stranger to the bicycle, Denmark. I spent some time over in Copenhagen this summer which is basically the bike capital of the world and let me tell you, you need a bike over there. Public transportation is fine, cars are a pain and walking sucks. The bicycle is king in Copenhagen and I lived on my bike while I was there. Quick shoutout to the homie who, uh, lets say ‘lent’ me his or her bike, I thank you and sorry. 

The Bikehook’s simple design allows it to be utilized in any space, big or small. Use one hook to hang the bike vertically or take advantage of both hooks to store your bike horizontally. The Bikehook is also made out of solid wood. You’re not getting some cheap plastic piece of shit. You’re investing in something that’s built to last. 

We’ve got a few images in the post and the video at the bottom for you guys to check out, but head on over to the kickstarted to get a little more info on Scandinavian Bikehook project here. Don't forget to back the project while you're there. 

- taylor



combining vintage junkyard finds with modern inginuity, benclifdesigns bring absolute originality to your home, by way of lighting options. The company uses salvaged hardware, new wiring, and sometimes even edison bulbs to craft the most creative lamos you've ever seen. Each piece comes with a backstory and it's own unique character, joining art with practicality, all while shedding more light in your home. Pieces start at $40 and increase depending on size, complexity, and design. Check out their website by clicking here.

- James


your next toothbrush.

I'm pretty sure I just introduced you to your next toothbrush. I like you to meet the RinserBrush. This is borderline genius and it's about time. How did no one think of this sooner? Honestly. Kudos to the design team and Scott Amron. This toothbrush makes brushing your teeth so much easier by sucking up the water from the sink and shooting it up like a fountain so you can easily rinse out your mouth. I think everyone should have one of these. Check out more or order one now by going to the website here. If the pictures weren't enough, here's a video. You're welcome.

- Taylor


On The Wall.

This is rad. I like how they arranged the pictures and used different ones of different sizes to cover the wall. I also like how they're all B&W. Instead of going formal and using framed pieces they've created a collage that is much more interesting in my opinion. I can only imagine how many more they have in the tubes leaning against the wall. 

- Taylor


Live Strong.

This one's making the rounds on the bike blogs. 

Pretty cool design.

More Here.

- Taylor


Food Creation Station.

Man, Gerard Butler knows how to set up a kitchen, I could live in here. It's not a scientific fact, but I feel like the better your kitchen looks, the more motivated you are to make sure your food is on the same level. 

- James


This Ain’t Your Little Brother’s Tree House.


Did you have a tree house when you were a kid? If you did you can go walk into a wall. For the rest of us that never had a tree house our time has come. We’re a little more grown up and our tastes have changed. We have matured past the basic concept of a normal tree house. The only thing that will quench out thirst for a tree house at this age is the Mirror Cube. This thing is absolutely insane. This will blow the mind of anyone at any age. Could you imagine being a kid and coming home to this thing one day? You would fall over and die of happiness. Nothing could top it. Good luck next birthday/Christmas/gift-giving-reason parents! 

As you might have noticed already, this doesn’t look like your typical tree house. It’s a square cube, that’s plated in glass mirrors to reflect its surroundings and blend in with the environment it’s in. If that’s not enough it’s actually a two way mirror as well. The outside may be pretty cool looking and could have possibly sold you already, but let’s take a step inside. On the inside of the Mirror Cube is covered in wood to give you that outdoorsy, old school tree house feel. Furnished with a queen sized bed, chairs, a table and storage this place is ready to go. Strategically placed windows are put in the right places so it gives you plenty of light and views. The best part is they do all the work for you. They build it, furnish it, mount it and make it ready for you to just walk up and start enjoying.  

So if you’re in the market for a tree house I think I might have pointed you in the right direction. If you are not in the market for a tree house, you are now or you are heavily considering it. I can’t blame you because I am too. I will never let my tree house dream die. If I don’t personally get one in my life, I hope I can give one to my son. Dream on.

If you want to check out their site and see more here's the link: Mirror Cube

- Taylor 


IPNOTIC Architecture Creates A Stunning Home.


IPNOTIC Architecture just completed the interior of this small, single-family home. IPNOTIC Architecture is an architecture and interior design studio based in Poland. This house has a clean and open design concept that makes you feel as if you're floating from one room to the next. It almost appears that the designers stressed the brevity and simplicity on the interior designing of the house. With the clear black and white dominance of hue throughout the house, it lets the designer play with accent colors such as the lime green chosen in the chair pad and the bowl of fruit on the table. Lastly what makes me fall in love with this house is the incorporation of the brick work. Something about white brick puts that final touch to wrap up the house for me.



Screw It.


An artist named Andrew Myers is putting his twist on art. By using a piece of wood, a few screws and a little paint, Myers uses his talents to create 3D portaits.