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because victoria beckham.


- james


huckberry x poler - behind the brand.

huckberry teams up with poler to gives a behind the scenes look at the poler brand and a quick interview with benji wagner, co founder and creative director. here are some words from huckberry about the video,

"In the spirit of making functional and durable outdoor gear more accessible, more friendly — and let’s admit it — a little less pretentious, Poler Stuff opened up an entirely new avenue of inspiration for the things that we at Huckberry stand for, which is why the quirky brand felt like an obvious choice for an inclusion in our “Behind the Brand” series. This time around, we spent a day at the brand’s eclectic Portland office with Co-Founder and Creative Director Benji Wagner to learn about Poler’s mission, its inspiration, and what’s next for the future of #campvibes."


- taylor


yohji monday.

the legend, yohji yamamoto.

you may know his name as the brains behind the Adidas y-3 campaign or the designer of the 2014 Real Madrid third kits, but yohji has been 'the man' since his debut in 1977, offering an unmistakingly unique perspective on fashion, design, and life. 










- james


rules of style: nick wooster.

details recently did a write up on nick wooster and his rules of style. the whole suit and tie thing really isn't my jam any more. i've moved more into street style fashion and clothes. james is still all about the suit game and he definitely has that front covered. even thought i don't rock the look anymore, i will always respect and admire the woost god. his style still smashes most out in the game right now as well as most that will ever enter it. real recognize real. 

when the woost god speaks on style you have to pay attention and listen to what he has to say. it may not directly apply to you and your style, but you can definitely take the ideas and use them in whatever style you're going with right now. check out the nick wooster's rules of style in the details article by kristen dold. 

1. If you can't afford a Rolex buy something equally as interesting at the other end of the spectrum like a Luminox—those are really cool. Don't buy a watch trying to emulate a Rolex.

2. I subscribe to the notion of the sartorial mullet—stay tailored up top and less buttoned up on the bottom. I love funny pants.

3. If you're going to play with color start with one. If you're wearing yellow, everything else should be navy and grey. Yes, I've been known to wear bright green and pink at the same time but I don't do that often—the bulk of my closet is grey, navy, white, khaki, olive, and a little black.

4. If you're putting in the effort to wear a tie, finish it off with a smart and simple tie bar. Not a decorative, big, or funny one. Just something functional.

5. A quarter-and-an-inch chocolate brown belt with a sterling buckle goes with everything from jeans to chinos to a proper suit. It may cost you $1,000, but it's a good investment.

6. If you're slim and tall and young, wear pleated pants. They accentuate every flaw you have so don't wear them if you have hips. Otherwise you'll really like them.

7. I have a good packing system that looks mildly anal but it's not. Jackets should be turned inside out to protect the shoulders, and 'like' things go together. Pants on the bottom, jackets on top. Socks and underwear get rolled.

8. You should be comfortable while traveling, but it isn't an excuse to look like a slob. Just wear the oversize khakis or footwear that's a size or two big on you. I made the mistake of wearing tight shoes on a plane and my ankles were the size of my thighs when I got off.

9. I'm a huge fan of tear sheets for inspiration. Tumblr is the best place to store files. You don't even have to repost them. Just like them and you'll have a catalogue of things that inspire and interest you. I like having a benchmark for remembering what I thought was cool when.

10. I don't have an M.O. when it comes to tattoos. The real reason my skin is covered in ink is that I'm really white, so instead of worrying about looking pale I thought, "Why not cover it with tattoos?"

- taylor


hiroki nakamura interview by mr. porter.

the man and legend behind visvim sits down with mr. porter for an interview about his passion for clothing, love for indigo dying and traditional japanese craftsmanship.

he gives a brief background of visvim and elaborates on some of his inspirations and ideas on what he creates. the video also gives a nice breakdown on hiroki's love for indigo dying and why he is so passionate about it.

watch it and be inspired.

- taylor


kanye west x zane lowe interview.

i wanted to post this right after i finished watching part one of the interview, but i thought i would wait and i'm glad i did. this interview is amazing and is way more enjoyable when you don’t have to wait for the next vid. i'll keep it 100 with you, i wasn't a very big kanye fan before this interview. i respected him musically because you can't deny the man's talent, but that's as far as i went. now that i’ve had a chance to hear kayne speak and share where he's coming from in this interview i’ve definitely gotten more on board with him as well as some of the cool projects he’s doing.

my buddy adam is all about kayne west and i never really understood why, but now i get it. i get it adam. i get why adam think he's a genius and the best out there right now. after you watch this interview, i promise you will look at ‘Ye differently and most likely get on board with yeezus. 

in this interview kanye and zane discuss and cover a lot of topics and you get to hear the man himself speak on things such as his new record, his fashion, his venture into fashion and how he's trying to change the world. so strap in and get comfy because you're not going to want to stop watching the interview once you start.

all hail yeezus. 


- taylor


a conversation with nick wooster.

seriously though, the man knows his stuff. I love this little chat with nick wooster, he lays out the basics on building a wardrobe and allowing it to evolve over time.

"Start really classic. start really simple. buy the best that you can afford, and over time... you can amass a wardrobe that you can wear season after season and trend after trend and time after time."


"buy the most classic, buy the best you can afford, and buy clothes that fit perfectly. if they don't fit perfectly, take them to the tailor and have them be that way."


- james


matthew and the atlas.

 I had the opportunity, the other day, to talk with Matthew Hegarty from Matthew and the Atlas. Now I say “from” Matthew and the Atlas, but really Hegarty IS Matthew and the Atlas. 


A folk musician from London, Matthew began writing music and performing as a solo project. He recorded his first EP in his bedroom while playing open mic nights around the city for about a year or so. His talent did not go unnoticed, and within that first year Communion Records invited him into the studio to record a second EP. He played for a while alongside other musicians as a five-piece band, but now, for the most part, he performs as a solo artist. 

Now, the name Matthew and the Atlas is not your average conventional band name. Generally people forming bands start with options that roll off the tongue a little easier, so I asked where the name came from. Matthew said “It was the first name I came up with, then I tried a hundred others but came back to that. I was thinking about something that would represent me at the time, and my thoughts had turned to traveling and backpacking, and I wrote the word Atlas down. I like the vastness the word Atlas creates and the feeling and imagery it gives.” I must say, I always prefer a band name with some meaning behind it. In a way, it gives me the impression that songs will have substance instead of just words that rhyme and happen to fit together.

That being said, let’s talk about the music. Matthew lists his recent influences as Sharon Van Etten, Timber Timbre, Gillian Welch, Nick Drake and John Martyn. Based on his music though, I picture Ray LaMontagne and Gillian Welch having a baby named Matthew Hegarty, and then that baby growing up and spending summers at uncle Alexi Murdoch’s house. I say that because Matthew has such a rare soulful quality to his voice -- it rings with sincerity. His tone is unique in that it demands attention without distracting from melodies or lyrics. Matthew’s music maintains similar qualities; instruments and voices seem to blend together so well, while still retaining their own melodies and individuality. It’s the kind of music you can get lost in.

I asked Matthew about the things that inspire him and I was impressed with his answer. I was sort of half-expecting some stereotypical answer about heartbreak and failure and blah blah, but his response was honest and relatable. “From the first songs I wrote, I enjoyed the feeling I’d get from writing a lyric or melody I thought was any good. The process has developed over time, but at the heart of it I’m still chasing the buzz I get when I write something new. I think when that stops happening it’s probably the end of the road.” Spoken like a true artist. It’s refreshing speaking with artists that do what they do because they love to do it. I understand that music can become a career, and that’s a wonderful thing. But the minute that writing and performing becomes about making money instead of creating something beautiful, then it has lost all meaning. 

For Matthew, this is what he does. He’s an artist and his music sustains him. I think it’s important to support that kind of devotion and talent, so make sure you make it to a live show in your area. You can find his tourdates here.

You can also purchase his music here, and checkout any other information here.

"I Followed Fires"
"Animal Bones"
"Within the Rose"
- James