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top 10 men's streetwear brands. 2016.

welcome to the age where full grown men stay up til 3am to be one of 100 people to buy a basic dad hat with logo on it for $60 that cose $1.50 to make. These are the top 10 streetwear brands of 2016 according to some.


  • stampd

  • Supreme 

  • born x raised

  • anti social social club

  • Stussy

  • kith

  • fear of god

  • off white

  • concepts

  • 10 deep



    13 rules for manhood.

    1. Most people, most of the time, judge you by what you're wearing, and if you care about what people think (or care about being successful and respected), you should care about what you wear. Life doesn't get much simpler than that.


    2. Wire hangers should be used only for breaking into cars.

    3. Except on the golf course, golf umbrellas are unmanly.

    4. If a man is wearing a class ring, do not respect him.

    5. If a man is wearing a pinky ring, do not f*ck with him.

    6. Navy is the most flexible suit color you can buy. Followed closely by charcoal and medium gray.

    7. Your tie knot should always conceal the collar band behind it. If it doesn't, it's tied too loose.

    8. There is a difference between water-resistance and waterproof. This is usually learned the hard way.

    9. A watch should be worn securely around your wrist. It is not a bracelet.

    10. A man can never own too many pairs of socks.

    11. If you are uncertain how much cologne is enough, you are not allowed to use cologne.

    12. No novelty neckties. No novelty anything — novelty has the tendency to wear off.

    13. Pull yourself together. Always. Everywhere. Whether you're going to the deli or on a date, every occasion has minimum standards. Try to meet them.

    Thanks to Esquire for pulling together a list of 24 manly rules from which I chose the only good ones.


    - James




    monday jamz.

    starting this week off with some righteous jams. Especially this first one...really hits the spot.

    fitz and the tantrums - we don't need no love songs

    wild belle - giving up on you

    foals - mountian at my gates

    the libertines - gunga din


    - james



    30 trends for fall 2014.

    Here are GQ's 30 trends for fall 2014. I can't say I agree with all of these points, but here are the ones that I like and think will actually apply to people who arent working with celebrity budgets:



    white shoes


    shearling coat lining



    jacket shirts (particularly of the flannel variety)

    western (minus the frilly fringe)

    and gymwear (as much as i hate to admit it).


    go here to see the full list.


    - james


    10 books on men's style.

    Complex Style put out this list of 10 books on men's style to read before you die. Although, you're probably better off reading it sooner than later as it may be bit possible to stay stylish once you're dead.

    the list.

    icons of men's style by Josh sims

    streetwear: the insider's guide by steven vogel

    ralph lauren by ralph lauren

    abc's of men's fashion by hardy amies

    dpm (disruptive pattern material) by hardy blechman



    you can find inspiration in everything (and if you can't, look again) by paul smith

    handmade shoes for men by laszlo vaz and magda molnar

    the official preppy handbook by lisa birnbach

    dressing the man: mastering the art of permanent fashion by alan flusser


    study up, my friends.


    - james


    cyber monday.


    It's cyber monday! And while the deals might not be quite as good as they were on black friday, you also don't have to wake up early, leave the house, or even put on pants for this one. here are just a few of the great deals going on. 

         $50 off for every $250 spent on men's apparel and accessories.

     Get 30% off everything.
    Cyber Monday. Get 40% off when you shop now. 

     40% off every single item + free shipping. 

     Get 40% off sitewide, plus free shipping on all orders.

    Up to 50% off select styles before they're gone. 
    Huge clearance sections with ridiculous markdowns.

     Extra 20% off with coupon code "GAPTHANKS"

    10% off with coupon code "GIFTED". $15 off $75, 425 off $100, and $50 off $150.

    Up to 75% Off + 15% Off $100 w/ Code: DOCK15OFF
    30% Off Orders $100+ with code THIRTYOFF
      50% Off Everything + Free Shipping w/ Code: HOLIDAY50 

    25% off + free shipping on all orders. 

     40% off everything + free shipping.
       30% off your order
    30% of everything, enter "CYBER" at checkout.


    have fun out there, don't do anything i wouldn't do, like buy something ugly.




    black friday.

    We love you, but seriously...what are you still doing here? Get out there and find some new digs at the lowest prices you're bound to find anywhere. It's a great day to get your Christmas shopping done, it's also a great day to add some killer pieces to your wardrobe.

    Here are a few stores/webstores we recommend checking out today:


    • Asos
    • bloomingdales
    • J.Crew
    • H&M
    • gap
    • levi's
    • urban outfitters
    • topshop
    • jack threads
    • indochino
    • gant
    • frank & oak
    • society
    • jack spade
    • north menswear


    If you already know your size with certain companies or have no problems returning things, make your life easier and shop online – most companies will offer the same deals online as they do in stores. So what are you waiting for? Don't make me 'White Fang' you. get out of here, we don't love you anymore, don't you see? leave. go away. it's for your own good.

    - drip cult